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Shechen Shedra, Nepal

In 1989, Rabjam Rinpoche established The Shechen Philosophical College at Shechen Monastery, Nepal. Over 120 students from across the Himalayas are enrolled in its nine-year curriculum under the supervision of Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche and a number of khenpos. The students study sacred texts on philosophy, astrology, and history as well as engage in debates.

To earn the title of Khenpo at Shechen Monastery, the student must pass nine years of Shedra Studies (Philosophical College) and served as an assistant teacher in their final four  years. Upon graduation they become a Lopon (equivalent to a M.A. degree). Then they need to teach for a further five years or do a long contemplative retreat or research before they can be given the title Khenpo (Ph.D.).

Most of the graduates of the Shedra are presently teaching at monasteries and centers in Asia and the West, and at the monastery itself. The monks are entirely supported by the monastery.

Since the shedra studies were introduced at Shechen in 1988 there have been 52 graduate Lopons and 21 Khenpos.