Final Update on Restore Shechen Phase One

August 5th, 2017  |  Published in NEWS

Inside Shechen Monastery 2017 Outside Shechen Monastery 2017

The restoration of Shechen Monastery, damaged by the earthquakes in 2015, is reaching completion!

The funds for the restoration were raised by generous donations from 1200+ donors from 50 countries, and a matching fund grant that was doubled thanks to many smaller donations. You did it!

The temples have been retrofitted, cracks repaired, glass replaced, foundations and supporting beams reinforced, and outer staircases, marble floors and an electrical system installed, and much more.

The interior and exterior walls are now a stark Zen white, but soon will be painted by the master painter, Konchok Ladrepa and a team of artists from the Tsering Art School. Painting the intricate murals depicting the lineages of Tibetan Buddhism will take another two years to complete.

Originally we had planned to only restore the temple buildings. To our dismay we discovered that the monks’ living quarters are in a dangerous condition and have to be demolished. This is a costly and difficult project that we have no choice but to undertake.
However, for now let us rejoice at the completion of this stage of the restoration: the temples, Rabjam Rinpoche’s residence, and, with the support of Karuna-Shechen, the Namo Buddha Old Age Home.