Meet the Teachers of Shechen School: Part 5

February 19th, 2017  |  Published in NEWS

Meet Hira Devi Rai

“I am from the Bhojpur district of Nepal, a mountainous region. I did my primary schooling in my village and completed my college degree in education in Kathmandu. I majored in teaching languages.

I taught in many schools in Nepal before I settled on the Shechen School two years ago. I teach Nepali language and I am delighted to be on this faculty.  The environment is very positive between all the staff and students.

In the beginning it was quite difficult for the students to properly learn Nepali reading and writing, but now they have improved a lot. Therefore, I enjoy teaching here and I feel lucky to be a member of the Shechen School.

Shechen Mahaboudha Vidyalaya is an upper elementary school that is part of Shechen Monastery in Nepal,  One hundred and twenty-five children, from ages five to fourteen, are offered a complete education combining traditional subjects with a modern curriculum. At the end of their studies they will earn a degree equivalent to a high school diploma.”

Hira Devi Rai Hira Devi Rai