Meet the Teachers of Shechen School: Part 3

October 26th, 2016  |  Published in NEWS

Meet Dorzin Thinley: Teacher and Caretaker for the Children of Shechen Monastery:

“My name is Thinley Gurung (aka Dorzin Thinley). More than twenty years ago Rinpoche gave me the responsibility to look after and teach the little monks (age 5 to 15) of Shechen Monastery. During that time I also participated in the first three-year retreat.

During that time I also participated in the first three-year retreat in the Shechen Retreat Center and, after the retreat, I became the Dorje Lopon (Vajra Master) in the monastery. However, I felt it was more important for me to take care and teach the little monks, as they need a lot of care and love.

I feel so happy to work with them and to give them a sense of having a parent close to them. I manage the hostel and also teach the little monks lobjang bases of Tibetan reading and writing. I also take care of their personal health and hygiene; I guess I am sort of like a mother figure for them.

Many monks whom I have taught over the years are now Khenpos and Lopons and have major responsibilities in the monastery. It is very satisfying to see how nicely they have grown-up.

I have seen a big positive change in our school these last few years. The new generation of graduates from the school will have more skills, both in Dharma and modern education, language capabilities, and knowledge of technology. That will definitely be a great thing in the future to run the monastery.

I thank all those who have contributed to running the school in a more systematic and well managed way and especially to Rinpoche who has given me a chance to help the children over the years.”

Dorzin I am sort of like a mother figure for them...